Olympia Avenue sets a new standard as a vibrant learning community enhanced by technology, meeting rooms. The hall staff is focused on the overall development of its residents and their awareness of sustainable practices. This invigorating and friendly hall is an exciting place to socialize and study with peers of all levels. Students have the unique ability to set both a living and learning environment in this newer hall. Olympia Avenue is a LEED certified Gold building and offers innovative green features such as geothermal heating and cooling, and storm water collection and reuse for irrigation.  


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Residential Education Director

Dustin Cooper
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Our Address

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-8924

US Postal Service Letters & Packages Address:
Student Name
Olympia Avenue xxx
PO Box 1700
Pullman, WA 99163

Fed-Ex, UPS, etc. address:
Student Name
1620 SE Olympia Ave xxx
Pullman WA 99163

(xxx=room number)

*Fed-Ex packages sent with "Adult Signature Required" could lead to delays due to a 21 year old signature requirement.

Walking time to the CUB: 5 minutes
Walking time to the Student Recreation Center: 15 minutes
Walking time to the Down Under Recreation Center: 6 minutes

Room Amenities
Room Layout: Single and double rooms with private bathrooms, shared bathrooms, or community bathrooms. Suites with semi-private bathrooms
Building Features

Hall Features:
• Coed
• Two-story lounge
• Gas fireplace on main floor
• Laundry room on each floor
• Study rooms
• Kitchen

Hall Capacity:
• 235 residents

• Mostly first-year students, though there are also some returning residents every year
• No age restriction

First Year Focus
Freshmen living in Olympia, a co-ed hall, will select a First-Year Focus section of History 105: Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] or Fine Arts 101: Introduction to Art [ARTS].
Floor Plans
floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic
Photo Gallery
Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life
How long are the bed frames? What is the size of the mattress?

38"W x 85"D x 37"H. The mattresses are 80"L by 36"W. Sheets with deep pockets are advisable.

What size sheets should I buy?

The extra long beds are 36" by 80" with deep pockets.

Can I loft or bunk my bed in this hall?

Yes, you can do both. 

The lofting kits, if not used, must stay in the room as there is no additional space in the hall to store them.

How much space is under the bed?

Varies because the beds are loftable, but the most space you can have in the unlofted position is 31". The maximum space under the bed when lofted is: 56 ¾".

Can I use a bed riser in my room, to raise the bed off the floor to gain storage space under the bed?


Where are the mirrors in my room and hall?

There are no mirrors in the hallways, lounges or lobby (only in bathrooms). In the suites, the mirrors are past the closet and pantry on the left side above the sinks (2) and cabinets. In non-bathroom double room the mirrors are in the corners above the sinks/cabinet opposite the closets. In non-bathroom single rooms the mirrors are in the corner above the sink/cabinet next to the closet. In bathroom double rooms the mirrors are next to the closets above the sink/cabinet. In rooms 24 26 the mirrors are located past the bathroom above the sink/cabinet. In bathroom single rooms the mirrors are next to the closets above the sink/cabinet facing the entrance door, with the exception of 134 136. They share the two mirrors in the space between the rooms next to the bathroom. One is above the sink in the shared space and the other is directly across the sink on the medicine cabinet. The sink, mirrors and bathroom are shared.

What furniture comes with the room?

All rooms have closets, twin beds, a 3 drawer stacking dresser, and desks with a mobile pedestal file.

What are the dimensions of the desks?

44"W x 29"D x 29"H with reversible drawer and slide out shelf. Also has a mobile pedestal file with (1) small and (1) large drawer 19"W x 16"D x 22"H

Can a computer monitor fit on the desk?

Yes. A flat screen monitor will help with conserving desk space.

What are the dimensions of the dressers?

There are (3) stackable dresser drawers which can be reconfigured several ways, side by side or stack on top of each other. 36"W x 22"D x 18"H

Do the rooms come with chairs?


How many outlets are there?

9 outlets per resident in various locations in the room.

Can I bring my own furniture?


Is the room carpeted?


Are there shelves in the room? What are the dimensions of the shelves?

There are no shelves other than the shelves in the closet and under the sink vanity.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Single rooms are 10' wide, although the north side is variable in width depending on the room and where you are measuring because of the in-room bathrooms; single rooms on the south side are 21'4" long, and on the north singles are 25'6" long.

Double rooms are 12' wide, although the north side is variable in width depending on the room and where you are measuring because of the in-room bathrooms; double rooms on the south side are 21'4" long, and the north side doubles are 25'6" long.

Suite doubles are 12' wide and 17' long, including the closet space; suite doubles also include common lounge and bathroom space.

What are the dimensions of the windows?

5'4"W x 8'0"H

What are the dimensions of the closets?

The closets dimensions, per closet, are as follows: suites, 3' wide x 2' deep; doubles with bath, 4' wide x 2' deep; doubles w/o bath, 3' wide x 3' deep; singles with bath, 5' wide x 2' deep; and singles w/o bath, 4' wide x 2' deep.  Also, inside the closets it's 5'8.5" from the floor to the bottom of the shelf and 2'9" from the top of the shelf to the ceiling.  The shelf measurements are 1'6" length by 3'6" width and the shelf is one inch thick.

Are there any rooms in this hall for people with disabilities?

Yes; several are wheelchair or hearing accessible.

What public facilities in this hall are accessible?

The hall has an elevator so all floors are accessible.

Where are the outlets and computer hookups in the rooms?

There are 3 Ethernet ports per resident, and their locations vary by room. A fifteen to twenty foot Ethernet cable should be plenty to assist in putting your computer anywhere in the room.

How are the bathrooms arranged?

There is a male and a female bathroom/shower room for use by the rooms that do not have individual bathrooms. Each bathroom/shower room has 2 toilets and 3 showers.  In double rooms with shared bathrooms, fire code prevents locks on the bathroom doors effectively making the two rooms into a suite.

Are there study lounges?

Yes. Each floor has a study lounge and an active room lounge that can be used as a study lounge.

Where do residents store their bicycles?

In the bike storage room or on the racks in front of the building.

Can I bring my own microwave?

Yes, however, you may only have 1 microwave per room.

What is the closest residential dining facility? Where will most of the people in my hall eat?

Southside Café, which is just down the hill.

What kitchen facilities are available for residents in my hall?

Every floor has its own full kitchen with oven, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, and sink.  The hall has some pots and pans for use, but you will probably want to bring some of your own.

What amenities, such as pool tables, weight rooms, etc., does the hall have?

Olympia has a classroom, a multi-purpose room, a media center and a pool table, but not a weight room.

Where can I do my laundry? How much do the washers and dryers cost?

There are 3 front-loading washers and 3 dryers on each floor. These facilities are covered in your room and board rates as a washer/dryer fee.

How much common storage space does the hall have and where is it located?

On the ground floor, past the drinking fountains, a very large room is available with metal shelving in place to help separate individual belongings.

Should I get renter's insurance when I live in University Housing?

Yes! While you may be covered under your parent’s homeowner’s insurance, claims against homeowner’s insurance can be expensive, especially compared to renter’s insurance. Personal property insurance is recommended by WSU. This insurance will cover your belongings if they are accidentally damaged, stolen, vandalized or suffer a loss from water, fire, smoke, etc. It’s very important to purchase coverage (starting at $65 for the year for $2,000 worth of coverage) so that in the event an emergency arises, you will have the funds to replace your items. If a loss occurs, WSU is not responsible. We strongly encourage all students to purchase this insurance as unfortunate situations can and do happen. Here are some common situations that can occur:

1. Water damage from sprinklers going off
2. Fire, smoke, explosion, windstorm
3. Theft
4. Accidental damage
5. Vandalism

To purchase this coverage, please visit www.studentinsuranceprograms.com/pp . You can also reach our broker that handles this plan (Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc), at 866-535-0456 or student@haylor.com and they’d be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you enroll.

For more information about what the renter's insurance from Haylor covers, please take a look at this video.

Is my hall air conditioned?


What can I use to hang posters and pictures on the walls in this hall?  What can I not use?

In Olympia please use the push pins we distribute during move-in.  Please do not use 3M mounting products, double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, masking tape, or duct tape.

Can I bring a mini-fridge or microfridge?

Check the Housing and Dining Policies link in the Residence Halls Contracts and Policies section for more information and scroll down to get to the sections on Microfridges or Refrigerators.  Microfridges will only be available in this hall if some go unrented in halls that do not allow a microwave in one's room.


Bed Lofting and Bunking Instructions
Move In Information

General Move-In Information

Official WSU move-in begins on Wednesday, August 16. While residence hall contracts begin on Saturday, August 12, WSU highly encourages students to arrive for move-in on August 16 to begin their successful college experience with Week Of Welcome events beginning that night. 

This year, the WSU community and departments across campus collaborate to develop to best possible options to facilitate the thousands of students and cars that arrive on move-in day. Your arrival time, the hall you’re moving into, and the particular day you arrive, all play a factor in your experience. Those moving in will need to sign up and indicate their planned arrival time. Please complete the form located at https://movein.wsu.edu/signup 

Please plan to come with patience and know that there will probably be some wait times to get into your unloading zone. Hundreds of volunteers, Housing & Residence Life staff, and Parking & Transportation Services staff want your move-in to be smooth and low stress. They are easily identifiable and happy to help. Please keep in mind that pets are not allowed in the residence halls when moving in.

You can find more information about move-in at https://movein.wsu.edu/  Information will also be shared and live tweeted on move-in day, please follow us @reslifewsu and use #WSUWOW

Specific Instructions for Olympia Hall

Drive to your assigned hall and look for the parking staff and temporary parking signage directing you to an active unloading zone.

Proceed to the front desk and check in with your Cougar Card or photo ID. 

Sign up for a cart if you need one or look for move-in volunteers. Please use the elevator for transportation of items up into the building and stairs to return back down (unless using a cart). Also please be aware that the cart height is the same as the emergency button on the far bottom right panel in the elevator which when hit will require a police response.

As parking is at a premium, once your car is unloaded, it must be relocated to a parking lot. Parking staff will be on site to assist you with directions on best parking lot options.

Extra recycling containers are brought in specifically for move-in. Please pay attention to where you are disposing of garbage versus recycling. Break down all boxes so that the recycling bin can hold as much cardboard as possible throughout the day. Due to increase use and traffic, it can be hard to empty all recycling containers if boxes are not broken down.

For hanging items on your walls in Olympia Hall please use push pins. Do not use 3M mounting products, double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, masking tape, or duct tape.

Lofting instructions can be found above. Please contact the custodial staff for extra bed pieces and ladder if needed. 

Words of Wisdom from past students and parents

Rooms are smaller than you think. Spend some time looking at the photos and room dimensions and be realistic with what will fit.

Review what you can’t bring – the list is specific for each hall.