Built-In Connection

Our Living Learning Communities (LLCs) support the academic, social, and personal needs of students throughout their first year and beyond. Students living in these communities partake in additional academic or co-curricular programs on a particular theme or topic that are built into the residential experience. LLCs bring students together around the same mission while being inclusive of a variety of interests and majors, and they provide increased opportunities to engage with faculty. Most LLCs have specific academic class students will take with their cohort, and first-year students will also be in the same First-Year Focus class as the other members of their LLC. 

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    McCroskey Residence hall
    • Located in: McCroskey Residence Hall within the Gender Inclusive House
    • Supported by the LGBTQ+ Center with opportunities to connect with resources across campus. 
    • Students will be enrolled together in UNIV 104 Queer Resilience in the fall and UNIV 497 Peer Leadership in the spring.
    • In these courses, students will explore topics such as navigating WSU, major exploration, career development, the rich history of gender/sexual diversity, queer theory, social movements, contemporary issues, art, and literature. 
    • Students will participate in a collaborative service learning project to address social and systemic issues.
  • International Education LLC
    Rogers residence hal
    • Located in: Rogers Residence Hall
    • Students will live, attend classes, and study with peers who are also passionate about international education.
    • This LLC will pair a study abroad program with the traditional first-year-residential experience by offering a 7–10-day study abroad experience to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over Spring Break 2024.
    • During the trip, students will explore the iconic sights of Rio, meet with Brazilian students, and experience what higher education looks like in Brazil.
    • Students who participate in this LLC will be challenged to think critically, examine the inequities of the Brazilian higher education system, and identify ways our students can advocate for a more equitable world.

    Please note there will be a study abroad program fee associated with this particular LLC in order to pay for the travel costs. Total travel costs are being finalized but will not exceed $5,000. This cost will cover flight, meals, lodging, and more.

  • Wellness House, LLC
    stephenson north residence hall
    • Located in: Stephenson North 
    • The Wellness House is a community focused on supporting holistic self-care and growth. 
    • Students will learn to identify self-care that works for them and explore the many facets of wellness, including emotional, mental, academic, social, communal, and physical.  
    • Located in the Stephenson North tower, it will offer residents ease of access to the Stephenson Complex recreation center, the Elson Floyd Cultural Center, and many other resources on the campus to help students support their well-being and development.
  • GreenHouse, LLC
    Olympia residence hall front exterior
    • Located in: Olympia Residence Hall
    • This community is focused on developing and enhancing residents’ awareness of and advocacy for the environment.
    • Students will have opportunities to learn about the unique biodiversity of the Palouse and beyond and develop a deeper understanding of their actions' impact on the world around them.