Built-In Connection 

Our Living Learning Communities (LLCs) support students throughout their first year and beyond. Students experience additional academic or co-curricular programs centered around a particular theme or topic.  

LLCs are open to all students, regardless of major, to connect with others around a shared interest. LLCs also provide more opportunities to work closely with faculty. Some LLCs have a specific academic class students will take with their LLC community, and first-year students will also be in the same First-Year Focus class as the other members of their LLC.   

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The deadline for all housing and LLC applications is May 1. Placements will be announced on the first business day of June.



    • Located within Gender Inclusive Housing in McCroskey Residence Hall and Scott Residence Hall
    • Students are co-enrolled in WGSS 101 (3 credits), Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  
    • The LGBTQ+ Center supports and connects students with resources across campus.  
    • Students will explore how their intersectional identities relate to their personal, professional, and academic goals.
    • Students can more easily build positive connections with LGBTQIA+ faculty, advisors, and others critical to their success at WSU.  
    McCroskey Residence Hall

    McCroskey Residence Hall

    Scott Coman

    Scott Coman Residence Hall

  • International Education LLC

    International Education LLC

    • Located in Orton Residence Hall
    • Students will be tentatively co-enrolled in HI 230 (3 credits) Introduction to Latin American History, in the fall semester and UNIV 490 (1 credit), Global Leadership Experience, in the spring semester.
    • Please note that being a member of the International Education LLC requires participation of study abroad program to Ecuador during Spring Break 2025.
    • The total study abroad program fee costs less than $3000 for a full week of activities in Ecuador, with most meals included. Students should budget for personal expenses on top of that, but expenses vary based on spending habits and flight purchase time.
    Orton Residence Hall

    Orton Residence Hall

  • Wellness LLC

    Wellness LLC

    • Located in Goldsworthy Residence Hall  
    • Students will be tentatively co-enrolled in HD 205 (4 credits) Developing Effective Communication and Life Skills centered around wellness.
    • Wellness LLC focuses on supporting holistic self-care and growth.  
    • Students will identify self-care that works for them and explore the many areas of wellness. 
    Goldsworthy Hall

    Goldsworthy Hall

  • Environmental Sustainability LLC
    Olympia residence hall front exterior

    Environmental Sustainability LLC

    • Located in Olympia Residence Hall
    • Students will be tentatively be co-enrolled in SOE 110 (4 credits) Environment, Human Life, and Sustainability class and lab.
    • Environmental Sustainability LLC focuses on developing and enhancing awareness of and advocacy for the environment.
    • Students will have opportunities to learn about the unique biodiversity of the Palouse and beyond, as well as develop a deeper understanding of the impact their actions have on the world around them.