WSU Apartment Rates

Single Student Apartments


Unit Type Chief Joseph Chinook Chinook Refurbished Columbia Nez Perce
Furnished Apartments
2 Bedroom $735 $574   $554 $627
3 Bedroom $665 $484 $557    
4 Bedroom   $414      
Unfurnished Apartments
2 Bedroom $685 $534   $514 $582
3 Bedroom $615 $444 $512    
4 Bedroom   $374      
  • Monthly rates are per person and applied if the apartment is fully occupied.
  • Student accounts will show full semester charge (fall: August-December, spring: January-June)
  • Chief Joseph price includes electricity. 

Family Graduate Apartments


*Rates for the upcoming academic year pending approval by WSU Board of Regents.

Unit Type Kamiak Steptoe Terrace Valley Crest Yakama
1 Bedroom Flat $631 $752 $631   $835
1 Bedroom Townhouse         $835
2 Bedroom Flat $711 $857 $711 $930 $940
2 Bedroom Townhouse   $857     $940
3 Bedroom Flat   $957 $811 $1030  
3 Bedroom Townhouse         $1040
Studio/Efficiency     $566   $730
  • Monthly rate is per unit.
  • Valley Crest includes heat, hot water & all electrical usage.
    Steptoe includes steam heat and hot water.
    Kamiak and Terrace includes heat.
    Resident pays for electricity (except in Valley Crest) and telephone.

Apartment Rate Info


Single Student Apartments

Licensing fees are charged by the semester: August through December for fall and January through June for spring.  Payment is due by the first day of class each semester or you can make three to four installments by signing up for the University Payment Plan 

Family/Graduate Apartments:

Licensing fees are charged to your account on the 25th of the prior month and payment is due by the first day of the month. 

Charges for partial periods will be prorated.

Financial Aid Recipients

All available financial aid and/or scholarships, after tuition and fees are paid, will be applied to the outstanding housing account balance each semester. The resident is responsible for all monthly rate charged after Financial Aid has been applied. Financial aid credited to your account may alter your payment schedule.


Rates include internet, TV, water, sewer and garbage.

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