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Network Service Agreement

Network Service Agreement for Connection of Personally Owned Devices to WSU Owned/Operated Networks

Last Update: 04 August 2015

This document represents the agreement between Washington State University (WSU) and any resident of the WSU Residence Halls and Apartment Complexes connecting to the WSU provided network in any manner. This document supersedes any other written or oral agreement. Changes may be made to this document at the discretion of WSU, and the "Last Update" date shall be modified at this time. All clauses apply to all users, including but not limited to dial-up, wireless and wired Ethernet connections unless otherwise noted. Use of WSU network service from a device connected to a WSU provided network constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

1.0 Provision of services

WSU provides network services to authorized parties in exchange for acceptance of this document. Network services include access to various on-campus resources and a gateway to the Internet. WSU cannot be held liable for losses incurred due to planned or unplanned outages in service. Use of the services provided must comply with all existing Federal, State and Local rules and regulations.

WSU services include access to all publicly available resources on the Internet. Some of the information available may contain language or images about subjects intended for adult audiences. Some information available over the Internet may even be illegal to transmit or possess. Examples of this include: child pornography, illegal export of software, distribution of copyrighted material, distribution of chain or pyramid schemes and other fraudulent activity. This list is representative and is not inclusive. WSU cooperates with legal authorities in the investigation of criminal or civil infringements. It is the responsibility of the user to obey all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to their activity on the network.

WSU does reserve the right to limit bandwidth utilization of some activities as necessary to protect and enhance the mission of Washington State University. While every effort is made to provide reasonably network speeds to all our customers within a reasonable budget, there is no bandwidth guarantee.

WSU respects the privacy of our users, however, WSU does retain the right to monitor system traffic and take any other appropriate actions in the course of troubleshooting problems.

2.0 Use of Services

The user acknowledges that WSU may terminate access without notice if the user does not comply with the terms of this document. The user will be held responsible for any use of the service by a third party.

Users must comply with all applicable laws and university policies when connected to the WSU network.

WSU network connections are only for use by the authorized party to which service is granted. Connections may not be shared by any means including wired or wireless networking except as authorized, provided and maintained by WSU Information Technology Services (ITS) and/or WSU Housing & Conference Services.

WSU network access may not be used to host servers or other devices providing services such as, but not limited to, HTTP (web), FTP, IRC or Game servers. Note that peer-to-peer gaming IS allowed.  The running of such servers over a WSU connection is an unacceptable use of system resources.

WSU accounts may not be used in any attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems. Port scanning or sniffing, exploitation of security holes, execution of hacking tools or use of another person's user and password credentials are all grounds for termination of access and may result in disciplinary action and/or civil penalties and/or criminal charges.  Students in courses discussing such actions may not “practice” on WSU networks.

WSU networks should not be used in any manner which is contrary to the Internet Code of Conduct.

Any use of WSU system resources which disrupt the normal use of the system for other WSU users, are considered to be abuses of system resources and are grounds for termination of access and may result in further actions.

3.0 System Abuse

System abuse is strictly prohibited. WSU may terminate or modify service immediately if the client engages in system abuse.

Depending on the nature and the severity of the abuse, the user may receive a warning or have their access suspended by WSU ITS. If the misuse is unintentional, the suspension may be rescinded after investigation and consultation with the appropriate representatives of WSU. If the misuse is intentional, the suspension may be rescinded at the discretion of WSU and, depending on the nature of the offense, may also require the consent of the Dean of Students. Occasionally, unintentional misuse is misclassified as intentional misuse. Customers who believe their activity has been misclassified may appeal to the adjudicating authority (Dean of Students).

4.0 Apartment Networks vs. Residence Hall Networks

WSU Housing & Conference Services provides network service throughout the WSU Housing system using two separate networks.  WSU ApartNet serves all WSU Owned apartment complexes EXCEPT Yakama Village, Nez Perce Village and Chief Joseph buildings B - F.  WSU ResNetserves all WSU Residence Halls and those apartment complexes not served by WSU ApartNet.

Acceptable Use varies by network as shown below:

  WSU ApartNet WSU ResNet
Wireless Router/Access Point Allowed NOT Allowed
Wireless Printer Allowed NOT Allowed
Wired network extension via switch Allowed Allowed
Wireless network extension of wired network Allowed NOT Allowed
Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Allowed NOT Allowed
Peer-to-Peer Gaming Allowed Allowed

To report suspected abuse of someone using our services, please contact

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