Internet and Utilities Options

WSU Apartment Internet and Utilities Options

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet service has been installed in all WSU owned apartment complexes.  What type of service you have depends upon which complex you live in.

Chief Joseph Building A, Chinook, Columbia, Kamiak, Steptoe, Terrace and Valley Crest are served by Cable Internet Service provided through Apogee.

For help connecting to the Internet, please call 866-615-8674 or 866-440-2003 to report a problem. Be sure to get the trouble ticket number if the Apogee Help Desk cannot assist you so you may reference your call if additional assistance is necessary. If Apogee cannot assist you over the phone, they will notify WSU and depending on the nature of the problem with the Apartment Residential Technology Assistant (RTA) or Housing Maintenance Media Engineer will contact you to render assistance within 24-48 hours. 

If you get a service not available message, please call Housing Maintenance Services at 509-335-1541 and request a check on your apartment's line.  Our technician will, in most cases, be able to correct the problem. 

Chief Joseph buildings B – F, and Nez Perce Village  are on the WSU ResNet network along with all the Residence Halls.

Yakama Village only has wired Ethernet service. One port per apartment is on at no charge; additional port activations will require Housing approval (please email and ask to be referred to the Director) and potential charges to the resident requesting the service.  Yakama Village residents may deploy their own wireless routers if they wish to do so.  WSU does not provide wireless service for Yakama Village at this time.

Please be aware that any interference to the WSU ResNet Wireless Network may result in your device being removed from the network and/or network service being terminated for your apartment. 

Interference between Wireless Networks owned by the residents of Yakama Village must be resolved by the residents.

Chief Joseph building B – F and Nez Perce Village units have WSU ResNet Wireless as well as multiple Ethernet access points in every room. Chief Joseph building B – F and Nez Perce Village residents CANNOT use their own wireless routers.  WSU ResNet Wireless is available in all of these buildings.  Using your own wireless router is a violation of policy and will be dealt with as such.

All residents using the WSU ResNet Network have agreed via the Housing contract to abide by the Network Service Agreement:

North campus apartments may also email for assistance.  South campus and Valley Crest may email for assistance.  Those using Cable Internet should contact the Apogee Help Desk first before contacting local resources.

Electrical Service

Residents in all complexes except Chief Joseph and Valley Crest (electrical service in Chief Joseph and Valley Crest is included in the monthly rate) will need to arrange for this service, with Avista Utilities, to be billed directly to you before keys will be issued.

Avista Utilities 1-800-227-9187

Telephone Service

You are responsible for arranging for your telephone service at your cost. If you require land line telephone service, you must request service through Frontier for all complexes, except Chief Joseph Remodeled and Yakama, where land line service is not available. 

Residents of family housing are requested to update their online housing application with their telephone numbers as soon as possible. These numbers will not be given out and are used only by Housing Maintenance Services.

Frontier (All complexes except Chief Joseph Remodeled and Yakama) 1.855.423.2289

IT (Chief Joseph Remodeled and Yakama) (509) 335-3663

TV Cable Service

TV Cable Service is included in your rent. Service will be on when you move in and will be left on when you move out. Each apartment is provided with at least one TV cable outlet, the outlet is normally located in the living room. If you have problems with your cable service or wish to request service to additional outlet, please contact Housing Dining Maintenance at 509-335-1541.

More information, including channel guides, program listings and troubleshooting suggestions, are available at