Family Housing Assignment Cancellation Policies

Family Housing is currently comprised of over 577 apartments in 5 complexes. All University apartments are located within one mile of the Washington State University campus. Convenient bus service, with access to both Washington State University and the Pullman community, is provided by Pullman Transit free to students. Residents of Yakama have a 2 to 3 block walk to the nearest transit stop. All other complexes are within 2 blocks of a transit stop. Some important factors that you should consider are:

1. You must provide documentation with your application to show eligibility to live in Family Housing (see the assignment policy section below). Occupancy of the apartment is limited to the student resident, legal spouse or domestic partner, or legal dependent(s), or in the case of a single parent/guardian with legal dependents, one additional unrelated adult. Residents must be enrolled for 10 credits each semester to maintain eligibility. Engaged couples may apply but must show proof of marriage prior to occupying an apartment.
2. Apartments are unfurnished; however, all apartments include a stove, refrigerator, and draperies. Shower curtains are available upon request. Carpeted units include: Steptoe, Valley Crest, and Yakama.
3. Portable dishwashers, washers dryers are not allowed in individual apartments, with the exception of Yakama which have washer/dryer hook- ups and allow an electric washer/dryer. Each complex is equipped with coin- operated washers and dryers conveniently located in laundry rooms.
4. Residents are responsible for phone, and electrical usage (except Valley Crest). Cable TV, water, sewer and garbage collection are included in the rental price. Heat is also included in all complexes except and Yakama.
5. Water to the housing areas is supplied by WSU and is fluoridated.
6. No pets (with the exception of fish) are allowed.
7. No weapons are allowed in the apartments but may be stored at the WSU police station.
8. Apartment Agreements run from July 1-June 30. Residents may terminate the agreement by providing notice a minimum of 90 days prior to departure. Monthly rates begin on the assigned move-in day and end on the day the keys are returned.

Non-smoking apartments:

WSU is a tobacco free campus and no smoking is allowed inside/outside the WSU Apartments. 

Housing Services reserves the right to bill students who smoke in the apartment the costs associated with removing any odors, or any costs associated with replacing drapes, carpets, furniture, and painting walls.

Application/Cancellation Information

1. Each application must be accompanied by a $150 application deposit if you do not have one currently on file. This deposit does not guarantee housing.

2. Apartments are assigned on a "first-come, first-served" basis. It is to your advantage to submit your application at least a semester prior to your arrival date. If you do not have a WSU ID# at the time you complete the application, we will create on for you.

3. Applicants receiving a Housing Assignment must return the Confirmation with a confirmation payment of $175. The rent for the month you move in will be pro-rated on a daily basis and will begin on the assigned move-in date. If the $175 confirmation payment is not adequate to cover the pro- rated rent for the month, you will be expected to cover the remaining balance due at the time keys are issued. If the confirmation payment is more than the pro-rated rent for the month, the difference will be credited towards your next month's rent. A last month's rent is not required. Rents are charged to the Lessee's account July 1 for the month of July and August 1, for the five months August - December. In spring, rents are charged on January 1 for the six months January - June. - NO STATEMENT WILL BE SENT. Rent is due on the 1st of each month. The monthly rental rate in shared graduate apartments is split between the residents.

4. Applications canceled before an assignment is made will receive a full refund. Cancellations after an assignment has been made will not receive a refund. Residents canceling an accepted offer online at least two weeks prior to the move-in date will receive a refund of the $175 confirmation payment but will forfeit the $150 security deposit. Cancellations of an accepted offer submitted less than two weeks prior to the move-in date indicated on the confirmation will result in forfeiture of both the $150 security deposit and the $175 confirmation payment.  

Assignment Policy

  1. All individuals will be assigned housing based upon the date that the complete application and $150 security deposit is Legal documentation for all family members living in your unit must be provided prior to assignment. This includes copies of a marriage certificates or a Washington State Registered Domestic Partnership Agreement (, and birth certificates for children. If you are an international student, you must submit a notarized copy of your documents in English, or provide a copy of your government' family register, of a copy of the US Visa for all family members who will be residing in your apartment. If you are engaged, you must list your anticipated wedding date on the application and provide a copy of the marriage certificate prior to occupancy. If you are a single parent/guardian with legal dependents who wishes to have one additional unrelated adult living with you, you must include their name and date of birth on the application. Should you have difficulty securing these documents and wish to have an earlier application date for assignment purposes, you may submit your completed application and deposit. However, you will not be assigned an apartment until they have been received.

  2. For those applicants applying for Fall semester and arriving in July or August, we begin making assignments in mid-May and continue through the summer as apartments become For spring and summer term, assignments will be mailed approximately 3 weeks prior to your anticipated arrival date.

Placement Guidelines

Assignments are made under the following guidelines (in order of date received); exceptions will be made when lack of demand allows:

  1. 3 bedrooms are assigned first in the following order (No more than 7 family members per ):
    1. families with 3 or more children, children of the opposite sex who are of school age;
    2. families with 2 children of the same sex who have significant age difference.
    3. Families with only one child and no additional family members and couples with no children will not be placed in 3 bedrooms.
  2. 2 bedrooms are assigned next in the following (No more than 5 family members per unit.):
    1. families with 1 or more children
    2. couples.Due to demand, couples without children are not assigned Terrace and Kamiak 2 bedroom apartments.
  1. 1 bedrooms are assigned last in the following (No more than 3 family members per unit)
    1. couples, or families with 1 child;
    2. unmarried graduate students and under-graduate students over the age of 30.

Wheelchair Accessible Units

Washington State University provides units for those families with special needs. Wheelchair accessible units are located in Kamiak Apartments, Nez Perce Village, and Yakama Village. Handicapped parking is located near each of these units. For more information, please contact the Housing Reservations Office at (509) 335- 4577.