WSU Family & Graduate Housing Storage Agreement


  1. Minimum storage period is 8 weeks (56 days). Maximum is one academic semester plus summer semester.
  2. Residents must be living in their apartment the semester following the period in storage. (Residents moving out within one month of the end of storage will have all storage charges revert to full license fee charges.)
  3. The time away from Pullman must be connected to one of the following:
    1. a university class
    2. a university sponsored internship, field study or fellowship or research project
    3. summer employment out of the Pullman area
  4. You will need to provide one of the following supporting documents:
    1. proof of registration for summer classes that will take place outside of Pullman
    2. letter from department (on department letterhead) stating the resident is involved in an internship, field study, fellowship or research project
    3. letter from employer giving dates and location of when resident will be employed



Storage charges will be billed monthly in the amount of $100.00 per month. Storage charges will begin on the date the storage check-out is completed and continue until a key is checked out (or if after hours, access to the unit is provided by staff). Storage charges for other than standard monthly periods will be prorated. Residents whose checks are returned unpaid by the bank will be charged the non-sufficient funds fee assessed against WSU in addition to the late payment fee.



It is agreed all keys to the apartment must be returned to the Housing official during the storage inspection. Any keys not returned will result in the primary resident being charged a minimum $75 lock change. If a resident checks out a key for the above stated unit, the unit will no longer be considered to be in storage and the resident will be charged full monthly licensing fees.



The resident is responsible for paying all charges (e.g. electrical, heating, phone) not included as part of the monthly rent for unit during storage period. The University reserves the right to bill the resident's account for any unpaid balance or delinquency that reverts to the University due to the resident's nonpayment. A $25 handling fee will be added to each balance billed.



The resident understands that the University has the right to enter the unit for purpose of routine inspection and repairs.  The resident further understands damage to the unit or university furnishings found during the course of such inspection will be billed to the resident's account.



The resident agrees storage of all personal belongings in the unit is at the resident's own risk. The resident agrees Washington State University will not be held liable for damage or theft to the personal belongings stored in the unit.



Entry into storage units is not allowed. Resident will pay full monthly rates when they request access to unit or keys are issued to unit.



The unit must be properly cleaned and prepared for storage and a storage checkout completed with a designated Housing official. Residents not completing the checkout process will be considered in residence and charged the regular monthly licensing fee.

I have read and understand the terms of the STORAGE AGREEMENT and accept this agreement with Washington State University.   I understand my request will not be considered until Housing Reservations receives the supporting documentation.