Chief Joseph Village

Chief Joseph Village
Chief Joseph Village
exterior picture of student apartment building
exterior picture of student apartment building
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Apt. #: D-4
Phone: 509/335-4400

Our Address

2025 NE Terre View Dr. Units: A-F
Pullman, WA 99163

Walking time to the CUB: 20 minutes
Walking time to the Student Recreation Center: 15 minutes

Complex Information

The Chief Joseph apartment complex is located on the northeast side of campus near the Student Recreation Center.

The university pays for cable TV and Internet, electrical service (including heat), water, sewer, and garbage. Residents are responsible for telephone if desired. Four coin operated laundry facilities are located throughout the complex.

Building F, E and D are renovated with dishwashers, microwaves, and updated flooring, counters, and lighting. Building F and E have an air-conditioned community room, complete with an expanded laundry, ping pong table or billiard table, foosball table, TV, fireplace and a will have fire pit outside. Renovations continue on Building C and B. Building A has not yet been renovated.

Apartment Handbook

Your apartment handbook has the answers to many of your questions.
You can view it as a pdf, or as a web page.

Floor Plans
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Renters Insurance Information

Should I get renter's insurance when I live in University Housing?

Yes! While you may be covered under your parent’s homeowner’s insurance, claims against homeowner’s insurance can be expensive, especially compared to renter’s insurance. Personal property insurance is recommended by WSU. This insurance will cover your belongings if they are accidentally damaged, stolen, vandalized or suffer a loss from water, fire, smoke, etc. It’s very important to purchase coverage (starting at $65 for the year for $2,000 worth of coverage) so that in the event an emergency arises, you will have the funds to replace your items. If a loss occurs, WSU is not responsible. We strongly encourage all students to purchase this insurance as unfortunate situations can and do happen. Here are some common situations that can occur:

1. Water damage from sprinklers going off
2. Fire, smoke, explosion, windstorm
3. Theft
4. Accidental damage
5. Vandalism

To purchase this coverage, please visit . You can also reach our broker that handles this plan (Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc), at 866-535-0456 or and they’d be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to read the Single Student Apartment FAQs.

Photo Gallery
Images of Unrenovated Apartments

Images of unrenovated apartments

unrenovated bedroom showing stained carpetunrenovated hallwayunrenovated livingroomunrenovated bedroom



Construction updates

Here is a report from our Capital Planning staff as to what is left to do.  

As of noon on September 11, the following items still remain to be completed prior to student occupancy:

  1.        The Contractor has not received their Temporary Certificate of Occupancy from the City.
  2.        All decks and storage units need to have construction debris removed.
  3.        Stairways to the apartments are not fully complete.  Exposed wood beams have not been sealed, and cleaning has not been done.  Glass in each entry is still covered in concrete splatter and dirt.
  4.        Mechanical access panels in each unit are full of construction debris.
  5.        The cover over the gas fireplace in the Common Room has not been installed.
  6.        The floor drains in some bathrooms are too high and are trip hazards.  They need to be lowered to be flush with the floor.
  7.        The contractor needs to repair the plenum behind the dryers in the common laundry room, and therefore none of the washers or dryers are hooked up.
  8.        Carpet tile has paint and glue splatters in places.
  9.        Wall base is missing in places in the living rooms and closets.

Our Apartments


Our Apartments