Stephenson Complex

Stephenson Complex consists of three prominent high-rise towers known as Stephenson North, South and East. This timeless, strong and rustic community welcomes residents of all majors but has a first-year focus on science, mathematics and engineering. The outgoing and expressive atmosphere within Stephenson encourages students to become well acquainted and gain friendships that will last throughout their four years at WSU. With this energetic dynamic, the hall culture is similar to that of a family.  There is a friendly rivalry between the North, South and East halls while maintaining tremendous respect and admiration for one another within Stephenson.

Key Events:
• Hall government holds special events for mom’s and dad’s weekend

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Our Address

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-5602

US Postal Service Letters & Packages Address:
Student Name
Stephenson East, North, or South xxx
PO Box 1700
Pullman, WA 99163

Fed-Ex, UPS, etc. address:
for East:
Student Name
1265 SE Stadium Way xxx
Pullman, WA 99163

for North:
Student Name
1225 SE Stadium Way xxx
Pullman WA 99163

for South:
Student Name
1285 SE Stadium Way xxx
Pullman, WA 99163

(xxx=room number)

*Fed-Ex packages sent with "Adult Signature Required" could lead to delays due to a 21 year old signature requirement.

Walking time to the CUB: 5 minutes
Walking time to the Student Recreation Center: 15 minutes
Walking time to the Down Under Recreation Center: 1 minute

Room Amenities
Room layout: Double rooms with community bathrooms
Building Features

Hall features:
• Down Under Recreation Center on the lower level

  • This is a new fitness center on campus with weightlifting, cardio, multipurpose rooms and a small lounge.

• Southside Dining Center and Flix Café
• Towers Market in the lobby
• Full kitchen on ground floor
• Microwave and sink on each floor
• TV’s in every lounge
• Study lounges

Hall Capacity:
• East- 327 students
• North- 327 students
• South- 300 students

• First year students
• SEM (science, engineering and mathematics) students
• International students
• Fitness focused
• Coed

First Year Focus
Freshmen living in Stephenson North, South, or East, all coed Math, Science, and Engineering halls, will select a First-Focus section of Roots of Contemporary Issues (History 105) and/ or Engineering 120. Engineering 120 students may also take Math 171 and/or Chemistry 105 as a cohort with others in the hall. History 105 is appropriate for any major; Engineering 120 is appropriate for many engineering students.
Floor Plans
floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic
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Stephenson Double


Stephenson Corner

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Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life
What furniture comes with the room?

All rooms have closets, lofted beds, small chests of drawers, desks, and lamps, shelves, chairs.

How long are the bed frames? What is the size of the mattress?

The bed frames are 85"L by 38"W. The mattresses are 80"L by 36"W. Sheets with deep pockets are advisable.

Can I use a bed riser in my room to raise the bed off the floor to gain storage space under the bed?


Can I loft or bunk my bed in this hall?

Yes and you can follow the tool-free bed users guide and video.  The lofting kits, if not used, must stay in the room as there is no additional space in the hall to store them.

How much space is under the bed?

Varies because the beds are loftable, but the most space you can have in the unlofted position is 27".  The maximum space under the bed when lofted is: 56 ¾".

Where are the mirrors in my room and in the hall?

Each room has a mirror above each dresser unit between the closets. There are full-length mirrors between the elevators on each floor.

What are the dimensions of the dressers?

18"W by 35"H by 22"D, with 5 drawers each. A medicine cabinet with a mirror is above each dresser.

What are the dimensions of the desks?

42"W by 24"D with one small drawer plus a mobile pedestal with one drawer and one file drawer.

How many outlets are there?

Each side of the room has a 2 plug outlet and also a 4 plug outlet meaning you can plug in 6 items. Under the medicine cabinet there is a 2 plug outlet by the mirror on each side of the room.

Can I bring my own furniture?


Is the room carpeted?


Are there shelves in the room? What are the dimensions of the shelves?

Yes, with a set of 2 adjustable shelves on each side of the window. The shelf dimensions are 30"W by 12"D. Also, each bed has 3 movable slip-on shelves (two are 15"W by 8"D by 5"H and one 23"W by 8"D by 7"H.

What are the dimensions of my room?

A regular double room is 12'3"W by 14'5½"L. A corner room double is approximately 16'W by 16'3"L.

What are the dimensions of the windows?

The windows are 2'10"W by 4'6"H.

Are there any rooms in this hall for people with disabilities?

Yes; several are wheelchair or hearing accessible.

What public facilities in this hall are accessible?

Access into the Complex is via the North door entrance, and the North and South tube doors are accessible.

Where are the outlets and computer hookups in the rooms?

The computer hookups vary by room, but usually are located right next to one of the desks. There are two ports in each room so both students may have their own computer hooked up to the Internet. A cable must be run to the other side of the room, and is not provided by the University.

How are the common bathrooms arranged?

Each floor has a community bathroom consisting of three showers and five toilet/urinals.

Are there study lounges?

Each floor has a study lounge available to students.

Where do residents store their bicycles?

Each Tower has an enclosed perimeter on ground floor where bikes can be locked onto metal railings.

What is the closest residential dining facility to Stephenson Towers? Where will most of the people in my hall eat?

Southside Cafe.

What kitchen facilities are available for residents in my hall?

There are 2 kitchens in each Tower, in the basement and on the top floor, with stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink.  Every other floor has a kitchenette with a microwave and sink. The hall has some pots and pans for use, but you will probably want to bring some of your own.

What amenities, such as pool tables, weight rooms, etc., does the hall have?

There are lounges on each floor with half larger than the other half, and all have TVs. The top and ground floors have full kitchens in them, but every floor has a minimum of a kitchenette. The center plex offers a game room with a pool table and ping table, a projector and screen, and a TV. Tutoring is available in the conference room, and in the center there is a piano lounge with a fireplace. 

Where can I do my laundry? How much do the washers and dryers cost?

The laundry facilities are located in the basement of each Tower. There are seven front-loading washers and seven dryers.

How much common storage space does the hall have and where is it located?

In each Tower, off the perimeter, a storage room is available for very limited storage.

What are the dimensions of the closets?

The closets are 20" x 80½" on the inside, and the frame opening is 15½" x 78".

Should I get renter's insurance when I live in University Housing?

Yes! While you may be covered under your parent’s homeowner’s insurance, claims against homeowner’s insurance can be expensive, especially compared to renter’s insurance. Personal property insurance is recommended by WSU. This insurance will cover your belongings if they are accidentally damaged, stolen, vandalized or suffer a loss from water, fire, smoke, etc. It’s very important to purchase coverage (starting at $65 for the year for $2,000 worth of coverage) so that in the event an emergency arises, you will have the funds to replace your items. If a loss occurs, WSU is not responsible. We strongly encourage all students to purchase this insurance as unfortunate situations can and do happen. Here are some common situations that can occur:

1. Water damage from sprinklers going off
2. Fire, smoke, explosion, windstorm
3. Theft
4. Accidental damage
5. Vandalism

To purchase this coverage, please visit . You can also reach our broker that handles this plan (Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc), at 866-535-0456 or and they’d be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you enroll.

What can I use to hang posters and pictures on the walls in this hall?  What can I not use?

Please use blue painters tape for posters, and 3M Command strips to hang pictures.  If you use 3M Command strips, please do not remove the strips; our staff will remove them over the summer if the room needs to be painted.  Please do not use double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, tacks or push pins, masking tape, or duct tape.  Stephenson has several walls with wall carpeting; please use tacks and pins on these walls, never use 3M Command strips.

Can I bring my own microwave?

No, because the electrical capacity of the hall cannot handle individual microwaves.  You can rent a Microfridge from us at check-in, first come, first serve.

Bed Lofting and Bunking Instructions