WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Streit Perham Visual Description

[00:00] Exterior shot of Streit Perham, day. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life, Streit Perham.

[00:04] Exterior shot of Streit Perham, day. Text: College Starts On Campus.

[00:06] Narrator outside in front of Streit Perham, day.

[00:11] Three students in study lounge smiling, talking, working on laptops, reading, and looking at notes.

[00:17] Two students walking in hall, talking, one of them holding a laundry basket.

[00:18] Two students sitting on a couch smiling and talking, one of them with a laptop.

[00:22] Two students on laptops inside study lounge, day.

[00:24] Interview with Nick North, Residential Education Director, day. Text: Nick North Residential Director.

[00:32] Three students in a room, day.

[00:35] Three students snacking, looking at e-mail, on phone, day.

[00:37] Interview with Jayme, Streit Perham Resident, day. Text: Jayme, Streit Perham Resident.

[00:40] Three students in study room with computers and homework, day. Text: Quiet Lounges On Every Floor.