WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Stevens Residence Hall Descriptive Transcript

[0:00] Two students walk up the front steps outside of Stevens Hall. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life, Stevens.

[0:03] Medium shot of front entrance of Stevens Hall. Text: College starts on campus.

[0:06] Narrator outside of Stevens Hall, day.

[0:11] Two students sitting on a couch and a third student at a desk with a laptop in a Stevens room.

[0:17] Interview with Dawn Albertson-Gass, Stevens Residential Education Director.

[0:22] A student sitting at a desk with a laptop and a woman sitting on a bed in a Stevens double room.

[0:28] Interview with Paola, Stevens Resident Advisor.

[0:30] A student, sitting on the floor, talks with a second student sitting in a desk chair while eating in a Stevens single room.

[0:35] Three students sit in a circle, talking and laughing, in a Stevens double room.

[0:40] Interview with Morgan, Stevens resident.

[0:45] A student studies at a desk in a Stevens double room.

[0:51] A student writes in a notebook at a table in the Stevens study lounge. Text: Study & formal lounges.

[0:55] Interview with Alexa, Stevens resident.

[0:59] A cabinet is filled with teacups. Text: Alumna donate teacups to hall collection.

[1:05] Double room with photos and decorations. Text: Single and double rooms.

[1:09] A single room in Stevens.

[1:12] Map of campus zooms in on Stevens, which is located between McCroskey hall, Avery, and Bryan Clocktower.  

[1:17] A student studies on a laptop in an armchair. Text: Chinook Student Center has study & recreation spaces.

[1:19] Two students workout on rowing machines.

[1:22] Exterior, front door of Stevens Hall. Text: Apply today, Visit for more information.

[1:25] Stevens Hall exterior from street.