Stevens is the oldest residence hall on campus, built in 1895, and is located on the Hillside of campus. Conveniently located to the center of campus, it is a short walk to most academic buildings, the CUB, and the music school. This classic women-only hall offers its students an environment steeped in tradition which helps them grow into thriving women. Due to the hall’s small community, the residents form close bonds with each other and many choose to live in Stevens all four years while attending WSU.

Key Events:
• The black cat story, told during Halloween season
• Holiday party
• Sunday afternoon tea which is open to all of campus
• Stevens Squire Week
• It is tradition for graduating students to gift a tea cup to the hall – rumor has it there is a cup from Helen Keller in one of the display cases.

My Residence Hall
Your RA
Residential Education Director

Dawn Albertson-Gass
phone 509-335-9166  email Email Dawn

Our Address

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-3087

US Postal Service Letters & Packages Address:
Student Name
Stevens Hall xxx
PO Box 1700
Pullman, WA 99163

Fed-Ex, UPS, etc. address:
Student Name
600 NE Veterans Way xxx   
Pullman WA  99163

(xxx=room number)

*Fed-Ex packages sent with "Adult Signature Required" could lead to delays due to a 21 year old signature requirement.

Walking time to the CUB: 5 minutes
Walking time to the Student Recreation Center: 10-15 minutes

Room Amenities
Room Layout: Single and double rooms
Building Features

Hall Features:
• Central location
• Formal foyer and living room, which is home to an extensive tea cup collection
• Unique floor plans
• Pool table
• Two vending machines
• TV and DVD player
• Community kitchen
• Laundry room
• Covered porch area

Hall Capacity:
• 77 students

• All female
• Music and Performance majors
• No age restriction

First Year Focus
Freshmen living Stevens Hall, an all female hall, will select one of the following First-Year Focus courses: History 105: Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] or Human Development 101: Human Development across the Lifespan [SSCI]. These courses are shared with other Hillside residence halls.
Floor Plans
floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic floor plan schematic
Photo Gallery
Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life Residence Hall Life
How long are the bed frames? What is the size of the mattress?

The bed frames are 85"L by 38"W. The mattresses are 80"L by 36"W. Sheets with deep pockets are advisable.

Can I loft or bunk my bed in this hall?

The beds cannot be lofted, but they can be bunked.  Please see your Custodial staff for parts.

How much space is under the bed?

It depends on the bed and how you use it. Some beds can be placed high in the "storage position" which allows for approximately 32" of storage space; other beds are shorter with approximately 12" of space. Bed risers may be used to gain extra space. The majority of the beds in double rooms are bunkable.

Can I use a bed riser in my room to raise the bed off the floor to gain storage space under the bed?


Where are the mirrors in my room and hall?

Mirrors are above the sinks, except in the basement rooms; in the basement rooms, the mirrors are on the wall near the door. There are full-length mirrors in the hallways outside of the bathrooms.

What furniture comes with the room?

All rooms have closets, twin beds, small chests of drawers, desks, and lamps.

What are the dimensions of the desks?

The desks are 48"W by 24"D with 3 drawers. A study carrel is part of the desk, and is 48"W by 9"D.

What are the dimensions of the closets?

These vary dramatically by room, and are built into the walls. Generally, they will be 2'D, but the width varies.

What are the dimensions of the dressers?

The rooms have several different types of dressers, but the dressers are generally either 28"H by 32"W by 18"D, with 3 drawers, or 38"H by 32"W by 18"D, with 4 drawers.

How many outlets are there?

Usually three sets per room.

Can I bring my own furniture?

It is recommended that you use the furniture in your room, or make prior arrangements to bring your own as storage space is limited.

Is the room carpeted?


Are there shelves in the room? What are the dimensions of the shelves?

Yes, most of the rooms should have a bookshelf in the room. The size varies by room.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Stevens has a number of different room types varying in shape, size, and whether they were designed for one person or two. Also, rooms with multiple widths or lengths have a "jog" in the wall. All of the rooms, except rooms 24-37 in the basement, have sinks. Here is a listing of the room types, dimensions, and window measurements. Windows are approximately 3'W by 6'H, in rooms where no measurement has been taken.

24, double, 21'5"W by 12'3"L, with 2 windows, 3'4"W by 6'3"H

25, single, 9'1"W by 12'4"L, with 1 window, 3'4"W by 6'H

27, single, 9'11"W by 11'3"L, with 2 windows, 3'3"W by 5'10"H

31, single, 8'7"W by 14'1"L, with 1 window 3'3"W by 5'10"H

32, single, 18'W by 8'8"L, with 2 windows, 2'8"W by 5'5"H and 3'1"W by 3'6"H

33, single, 10'W by 12'6"L, with 1 window, 2'2"W by 5'H

34, double, 22'W by 8'1"/10'2"L, with 2 windows, 3'1"W by 6'2"H

36, double, 16'1"W by 16'8"L, with 2 windows, 3'9"W by 6'2"H

37, double, 18'W by 11'3"L, with 2 windows, 3'1"W by 6'1"H and 3'11"W by 6'1"H

101, double, 19'3"W by 11'6"L, with 2 windows, 4'W by 6'2"H

103, single, 7'5"W by 8'10"L, and window, 3'5"W by 6'2"H

104, 204, double, 18'9"W by 11'1"L at it's longest, with 2 windows, 3'1"W by 5'6"H

105, 205, double, with 3 small rooms, 9'10"/8'7"/8'6"W by 10'9"/13'6"/10'9"L, respectively, with 5 windows, of which 4 are 2'9"W by 6'2"H and 1 is 3'1"W by 6'2"H

106, double, 17'2"W by 12'9"L, with 2 windows, 3'9"W by 6'2"H

107, single, 8'11"W by 10'5"L, with 1 window, 2'11"W by 6'2"H

108, double, with 3 small rooms, 8'8"/8'7"/10'2"W by 10'/12'5"/12'5"L, with 3 windows 3'6"W by 6'2"H

201, single, 10'6"W by 11'6"L, with 1 window, 3'W by 6'2"H

202, single, 9'2"W by 13'7"L, with 1 window, 3'4"W by 5'6"H

203, single, 13'5"W by 12'9"L, with 1 window, 3'3"W by 5'5"H

206, single, 10'2"W by 8'10"L, with 1 window, 3'9"W by 5'6"H

207, single, 7'9"W by 13'2"L, with 1 window, 3'9"W by 5'6"H

208, single, 8'6"W by 6'3"L, with 1 window, 3'1"W by 5'6"H

209, double, with 3 small rooms, 9'/8'/11'W by 13'2"/13'2"/13'5"L, with 3 windows, 3'6" W by 5'6"H

210, single, 10'3"W by 12'6"L, with 1 window 2'11"W by 5'6"H

211, 214, single, 10'2"W by 9'L (the main part of the room, not including a 4'1" entryway), with 3 windows, 1'5" by 3'9"H, 3'3"W by 5'6"H, and 1'11"W by 5'6"H

212, 213, single, 7'7"W by 15'L, with 1 window, 3'9"W by 6'H

215, single, 12'9"W by 12'4"L, with 1 window 3'W by 5'6"H

216, double, with 2 rooms, 12'2"/9'W by 11'11"/11'11"L, with 2 windows, 3'1"W by 5'6"H

217, double, with 3 small rooms, 9'/11'4"/9'2"W by 12'9" L, with 3 windows, 2'5"W by 5'6"H and 2 windows, 3'W by 5'6"H

218, single, 8'W by 11'6"L, with 1 window, 2'6"W by 5'5"H

219, double, with 3 small rooms, 8'8"/8'3"/8'10"W by 11'6"L, with 4 windows, 2'11"W by 5'6"H

220, single, 9'8"W by 11'8"L, with 1 window, 3'3"W by 5'6"H

221, single, 16'W (with the primary living space 10'10" W) by 8'7"L, with 1 window, 3'1"W by 5'6"H

301, single, 18'7"W by 12'2"L (room is partially divided by the closet), and 2 windows, 3'W by 4'10"H and 2'6"W by 4'10"H

303, single, 16'W by 12'2"L (with a closet taking up much of the width), with 1 window, 2'6"W by 5'10"H

304, single, 9'5"W by 12'3"L.

305, double, 23'4"W by 14'5"L (with a small side room 3'6"W by 12'L), with 2 windows, 2'7"W by 4'10"H

306, double, 17'1"W by 16'8"L, with 2 windows, 3'W by 4'10"H

307, single, 13'W by 11'8"L, with 2 windows, 3'1"W by 4'10"H

308, single, 13'3"W by 14'1"L, with 2 windows, 2'6"W by 4'10"H and 4'8"W by 4'10"H

309, double, 23'9"W by 10'L (with 2 storage closets), with 1 window, 2'6"W by 4'10"H

310, single, 15'1"W by 12'5"L, with 1 window, 2'11"W by 4'9"H

311, single, 9'8"W by 15'8"L, with 1 window, 2'11"W by 2'4"H

312, single, 10'W by 15'8"L, with 1 window, 2'11"W by 2'4"H

313, double, 11'W by 15'8"L, with 1 window, 2'11"W by 2'4"H

314, single, 13'2"W by 8'11"L (with an extra 4' of L by the window), with 1 window 3'W by 4'10"H

315, single, 11'9"W by 12'7"L, with 2 windows, 3'1"W by 4'10"H

316, single, 18'7"W by 11'3"L, with 3 windows, 2'W by 4'10"H

317, single, 13'8"W by 11'5"L, with 1 window 3'W by 6'2"H

318, double, 13'W by 14'10L, with 2 windows, 2'1"W by 4'9"H

319, double, 11'9"W by 15'4"L, with 2 windows, 2'8"W by 4'9"H and 3'3"W by 4'9"H

Are there any rooms in this hall for people with disabilities?

Yes; several are hearing accessible.

What public facilities in this hall are accessible?


Where are the outlets and computer hookups in the rooms?

Every room has outlets and computer hook-ups against the walls, but there is not a central location in the rooms concerning these things. Each room is unique.

How are the bathrooms arranged?

Every floor has a bathroom. Each one has two showers available for residents as well as at least two restrooms available for use. Also, the bathrooms have a sink and a large mirror with plug-ins available to use hairdryers, etc.

Are there study lounges?

Stevens Hall has a large study area right off of the balcony.

Where do residents store their bicycles?

On the porch off the west ground floor. There are no inside storage areas in these halls.

What is the closest residential dining facility? Where will most of the people in my hall eat?

The closest residential dining facility is Hillside Café right across the street in Wilmer/Davis.

What kitchen facilities are available for residents in my hall?

There is one kitchen, with stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink, in the basement, with lost of cooking utensils.  There is a microwave in the 1st floor study room. 

What amenities, such as pool tables, weight rooms, etc., does the hall have?

Stevens Hall has a pool table, two vending machines, a new TV and DVD player, as well as having a kitchen with supplies accessible to members of the hall.

Where can I do my laundry? How much do the washers and dryers cost?

Stevens Hall has a laundry room in the basement with 2 front-loading washers and 3 dryers. These facilities are covered in your room and board rates as a washer/dryer fee.

How much common storage space does the hall have and where is it located?

Two small rooms, one on 2nd and one on 3rd, are available for limited storage.

Should I get renter's insurance when I live in University Housing?

Yes! While you may be covered under your parent’s homeowner’s insurance, claims against homeowner’s insurance can be expensive, especially compared to renter’s insurance. Personal property insurance is recommended by WSU. This insurance will cover your belongings if they are accidentally damaged, stolen, vandalized or suffer a loss from water, fire, smoke, etc. It’s very important to purchase coverage (starting at $65 for the year for $2,000 worth of coverage) so that in the event an emergency arises, you will have the funds to replace your items. If a loss occurs, WSU is not responsible. We strongly encourage all students to purchase this insurance as unfortunate situations can and do happen. Here are some common situations that can occur:

1. Water damage from sprinklers going off
2. Fire, smoke, explosion, windstorm
3. Theft
4. Accidental damage
5. Vandalism

To purchase this coverage, please visit . You can also reach our broker that handles this plan (Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc), at 866-535-0456 or and they’d be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you enroll.

What can I use to hang posters and pictures on the walls in this hall?  What can I not use?

Please use blue painters tape for posters, and 3M Command strips to hang pictures.  If you use 3M Command strips, please do not remove the strips; our staff will remove them over the summer if the room needs to be painted.  Please do not use double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, tacks or push pins, masking tape, or duct tape.

Can I bring my own microwave?

No, because the electrical capacity of the hall cannot handle individual microwaves.  You can rent a Microfridge from us at check-in, first come, first serve.

Can I bring a mini-fridge or microfridge?

Yes.  Check the Housing and Dining Policies link in the Residence Halls Contracts and Policies section for more information and scroll down to get to the sections on Microfridges or Refrigerators.

Bed Lofting and Bunking Instructions
Move In Information

General Move-In Information

Official WSU move-in begins on Wednesday, August 16. While residence hall contracts begin on Saturday, August 12, WSU highly encourages students to arrive for move-in on August 16 to begin their successful college experience with Week Of Welcome events beginning that night. 

This year, the WSU community and departments across campus collaborate to develop to best possible options to facilitate the thousands of students and cars that arrive on move-in day. Your arrival time, the hall you’re moving into, and the particular day you arrive, all play a factor in your experience. Those moving in will need to sign up and indicate their planned arrival time. Please complete the form located at 

Please plan to come with patience and know that there will probably be some wait times to get into your unloading zone. Hundreds of volunteers, Housing & Residence Life staff, and Parking & Transportation Services staff want your move-in to be smooth and low stress. They are easily identifiable and happy to help. Please keep in mind that pets are not allowed in the residence halls when moving in.

You can find more information about move-in at  Information will also be shared and live tweeted on move-in day, please follow us @reslifewsu and use #WSUWOW

Specific Instructions for Stevens Hall

Drive to your assigned hall and look for the parking staff and temporary parking signage directing you to an active unloading zone.
Temporary Parking is located in the Crimson Parking lot next to Wilmer-Davis, as well as along the roads surrounding Wilmer-Davis and Stevens halls.

As parking is at a premium, once your car is unloaded, it must be relocated to a parking lot. Parking staff will be on site to assist you with directions on best parking lot options.

Students will check in with their CougarCard/photo ID at the Hill Hall front desk, located on the back side of McCroskey Hall.There are no carts available for Stevens Hall.

Please note that there are no carts or elevators available for Stevens Hall.

Extra recycling containers are brought in specifically for move-in. Please pay attention to where you are disposing of garbage versus recycling.

For hanging items on your walls in Stevens Hall please use blue painters tape for posters, and 3M Command strips to hang pictures. If you use 3M Command strips, please do not remove the strips; our staff will remove them over the summer if the room needs to be painted. Do not use double-sided mounting products, permanent mounting products, blue mounting putty, tacks or push pins, masking tape, or duct tape.

Beds cannot be lofted in Stevens, but we do have a limited supply of bed risers available.

Words of Wisdom from past students and parents

Rooms are smaller than you think. Spend some time looking at the photos and room dimensions and be realistic with what will fit. 

Review what you can’t bring – the list is specific for each hall.