WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Stephenson Descriptive Transcript

[0:00] Exterior of two Stephenson towers. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life, Stephenson.

[0:03] Exterior of tunnel leading to Stephenson tower from center-plex. Text: College starts on campus.

[0:06] Narrator outside of Stephenson.

[0:09] Student laughs, sitting at desk.

[0:11] Students play pool in center-plex lounge.

[0:15] A student writes, glancing at laptop in study lounge.

[0:17] A student works on computer at desk under lofted bed.

[0:19] A student uses sink in kitchenette. Text: Kitchenette on each floor.

[0:22] A student starts a movie in a lounge while other students sit on couches.

[0:27] A student flips through book, sitting on bed while another student works on laptop at a desk.

[0:29] Interview with Adam Hathcock, Stephenson Residential Education Director.

[0:39] A student looks at phone, sitting at desk with laptop under lofted bed.

[0:42] A student works on a laptop at a desk.

[0:45] A student plays video games in a room.

[0:47] Three students study around a table in the center-plex lounge. Text: Game and study lounge in center plex.

[0:48] A student looks at phone, sitting at desk.

[0:50] Students stand in hall, talking and laughing.

[0:54] Interview with Keanna, Stephenson resident advisor.

[0:57] A student paints on paper at desk.

[0:59] Students sit around lounge, talking.

[1:03] Students sitting on couch in lounge.

[1:05] Campus map shows Stephenson Complex near the entrance to campus and Southside Café.

[1:11] Exterior of Stephenson. Text: Apply today, visit for more information.