WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Scott Coman Visual Description

Scott Coman Visual Description

[0:00] Student walking into exterior of Scott. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life, Scott Coman.

[0:04] Student walking up sidewalk to Coman. Text: College starts on campus.

[0:07] Narrator outside of Scott-Coman.

[0:09] Students laughing in active lounge with balcony behind, night.

[0:12] Interview with student. Text: Antonio. Scott Coman Resident.

[0:18] Two students looking at laptops in double room.

[0:21] Two students playing video games in double room.

[0:24] Students studying on laptops in lounge, day. Text: Study lounge & kitchen in each building.

[0:29] Interview with Residential Education Director. Text: Fernando Martinez, Scott Coman Residential Education Director.

[0:35] Student on phone and student cleaning up in double room.

[0:37] Students watching TV on couch in first floor lounge.

[0:39] Students studying, playing video games, and watching sports in double room.

[0:42] Interview with student. Text: Christopher, Scott Coman Resident.

[0:49] Interview with Scott Coman Resident. Text: Jazmyn, Scott Coman Resident.

[0:52] Student studying in room.

[0:54] Student on laptop at desk in room.

[0:56] Two students on laptops, sitting on beds and talking in double room.

[1:00] Student playing guitar in double room.

[1:02] Scott Coman on map of campus.

[1:06] Student shopping in The Market. Text: Fresh, local, organic, & international foods.

[1:09] Student smiling in seating area by Einstein Bros. Bagels.

[1:11] Exterior shot of Scott, night. Text: Apply today, visit for more information.