WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Regents Residence Hall Visual Descriptive Transcripts

0:00] Exterior of Regents Hall from across Cougar Way, students walking with backpacks. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life, Regents.

[0:04] Medium exterior of back of Regents. Text: College starts on campus.

[0:06] Narrator outside of Regents Hall.

[0:10] Students study in floor study lounge. Text: All female residence hall.

[0:14] A student sits on a bed in a double room and looks at her phone.

[0:18] Interview Zoe, Regents resident.

[0:20] A student sits at a desk and another student puts away laundry in a double room.

[0:23] Two students sit in desk chairs in a room, talking and studying.

[0:27] A student sits at a desk with a textbook and another student sits on a bed, looking at a phone, in a single room.

[0:30]A student lounges on a bed, working on a laptop.

[0:34] Interview with Nicole Bravo, Regents Residential Education Director.

[0:37] A student sits a desk talking to another student sitting on a bed in a double room.

[0:40] A student sits on a lofted bed in a double room.

[0:43] Two students study on a bed, with night visible through the window. Text: Single & double rooms.

[0:47] A student sits on a bed with notebooks, looking at a phone.

[0:48] Two students sit on a bed, looking at a laptop and talking.

[0:51] Interview with Katie, Regents resident.

[0:57] A student reads a textbook at a table on a sun porch. Global Scholars Hall is visible in the background. Text: Sun porches & study labs on each floor.

[1:00] A student sits at a table in a lounge with a notebook and laptop.

[1:02] A campus map zooms in on Regents Hall, which  is between Global Scholars Hall and Northside on Cougar Way, and houses Northside Café.

[1:06] A student shops in an aisle in The Market. Text: Fresh, local, organic, & international foods.

[1:09] Students sit in armchairs in the Chinook Student Center fireplace lounge. Text: Chinook Student Center has study & recreation spaces.

[1:12] Students workout out in a CrossFit class in the Chinook Student Center.

[1:14] Exterior of Regents hall. Text: Apply today, visit for more information.

[1:17] A student walks by the sign in front of Regents hall.