WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Orton 360 VR Descriptive Transcript

All Orton rooms are single rooms, measuring 16 feet 8 inches by 10 feet. There is a window directly across from the door, measuring 8 feet wide by 4 feet high with white curtains and a radiator just below it. There is dark carpeting throughout the room. To the right and the left of the door are closets measuring 44.6 inches wide by 23 inches deep and 80 inches high. There is additional storage available above the closet. There is a mirror attached to the outside of a door on each closet. There is a moveable small chest of three drawers along the right wall. Along the right wall, near the window, is a wooden desk with metal legs and a single drawer, with four adjustable bookshelves above.  There is a black, metal desk chair and a small chest of desk drawers. Along the left wall is a bed with wooden frame and an extra-long twin mattress.

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