WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Olympia Video Visual Description

Olympia Avenue Visual Description

[00:00] Exterior View of Olympia Avenue, day. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life: Olympia Avenue.

[00:04] Exterior View of Olympia Avenue, day. Text: College Starts On Campus.

[00:08] Narrator in front of Olympia Avenue, day.

[00:12] Three students in kitchen/lounge area.

[00:15] Interview with Britteny Alspach, Olympia Avenue Residential Education Director.

[00:19] Two students in room. Text: Residents Are Co-Ed and All Ages.

[00:20] Student sitting and reading book, night.

[00:24] Student on laptop, night.

[00:25] Interview with Ezekiel, OIympia Avenue, Residential Technology Assistant. Text: Ezekiel: Olympia Avenue Residential Technology Assistant.

[00:24] Student on bed in room, night.

[00:32] Five students seated around table on computers.

[00:34] Two students eating food.

[00:36] Interview with Abigail, Olympia Avenue Residential Advisor, day. Text: Abigail: Olympia Avenue Residential Advisor.

[00:45] Students socializing.

[00:51] Interview with Franki, Olympia Avenue Residential Advisor, day. Text: Franki: Olympia Avenue Residential Advisor.

[00:54] Three students in room on electronic devices.

[00:56] Interview with Franki.

[00:58] One student on computer in room, night. Text: Singles, Doubles & Suites.

[01:02] Two students on phones in room, night.

[01:03] Three students in room, night.

[01:06] Students in lounge, night. Text: Active & Study Lounges On Each Floor.

[01:09] Close up of student at desk writing in room.

[01:11] Interview with Britteny.

[01:18] Shot of student on couch, day.

[01:22] Shot of student in chair on computer, night.

[01:25]  Narrator, Olympia Avenue exterior, day.

[01:27] View of Olympia Avenue on animated campus map.

[01:30] Interview with Derek, Olympia Avenue Residential Advisor, day. Text: Derek, Olympia Avenue Residential Advisor.

[01:33] Exterior shot of Olympia Avenue. Text: Apply Today: Visit for more information.