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Why Move Off Campus?

There are many reasons why living on campus or in University Apartments is an attractive option. In many cases, continuing to live in University Housing is cheaper and certainly more convenient. Before you decide to leave, take a moment to learn about the many reasons why it's better to continue living with us.

Given the range of costs at WSU and in the Pullman Community, you might be able to move off campus and save money. However, in making this decision many students overlook the hidden costs of living off campus and neglect to consider the many advantages of staying on campus.


  • You're close. Just a short walk to your classes, the library, recreation facilities and campus events.
  • You'll save time. No need to shop for groceries, cook or do house-keeping chores. Students who live off-campus estimated they spent 9 hours each week shopping, cooking, etc.
  • You'll save time and energy. No need to commute (students make 2 trips to and from campus each day with each trip taking 21 minutes; total time saved over the course of a week: 5 hours).
  • Sleep longer. No need to leave early to wait in bus lines or find a parking space.
  • Internet. No waiting and no hook-up fees for in room data connections and unlimited Internet access.
  • Save money. No need for a car means no gas purchases and no parking permit fees.
  • Studylab access. Five free study labs on campus with computers, projectors, printers and other equipment. 


  • Develop a sense of belonging.
  • Build community spirit.
  • Form lasting friendships with many people.
  • Become involved in group activities that further your interests and goals.
  • Acquire leadership skills that attract employers. 

Each year WSU surveys freshmen living on and off campus on a variety of personal and academic scales that measure involvement in college. We use the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE). A recent random sample of WSU freshmen who live on campus reported positive differences compared to peers living off campus in the following areas.

  • Examinations during the current school year challenged students to do their best work.
  • Number of assigned textbooks, books, or book-length packs of course readings.
  • Their relationships with administrative personnel and offices.
  • Hours per 7-day week spent relaxing and socializing.
  • Hours per 7-day week spent preparing for class (studying, reading, writing, doing homework or lab work, analyzing data, rehearsing, and other academic activities).
  • Their relationships with faculty members.
  • Their evaluation of the quality of academic advising received at WSU.
  • Developing a deepened sense of spirituality.
  • Their evaluation of their entire educational experience at WSU.
  • Their choice to attend WSU.
  • Their relationships with other students.
  • Attending campus events and activities (special speakers, cultural performances, athletic events, etc.).

Students who live on campus can put more energy into their college experience and, as a result, get more out of it.  The convenience and time saved by living on campus helps make this possible.  Living on campus is truly more than just "room and board."


Take a look at this additional information and find out why it's better to stay.

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