Wilmer-Davis Visual Description

Wilmer-Davis Visual Description

[0:00] Exterior of Wilmer-Davis, entrance to Hillside Café, day. Text: WSU Housing & Residence Life Wilmer Davis.

[0:02] Student on laptop at desk in room, day. Text: College starts on campus.

[0:05] Two students watching TV on couches in common lounge.

[0:08] Narrator sitting on stops in front of Wilmer-Davis.

[0:10] Exterior of Wilmer-Davis from corner. Text: All-female Hall.

[0:12] Student stirring something on stove in common kitchen.

[0:14] Panning shot of double room with two students, one sitting on the floor and one on a bed.

[0:17] Students in kitchen making cupcakes. Text: One of the oldest halls on campus.

[0:22] Panning shot of active basement lounge, students sitting on couches and talking.

[0:25] Interview with Hannah Mitchell. Text: Hannah Mitchell Wilmer-Davis Residential Education Director.

[0:28] Students talking in hallway near common sink and microwave.

[0:31] Two students lounging in double room. Text: Close to Greek houses.

[0:34] Student making bed in room.

[0:37] Interview with student. Text: Jessica Garman, Wilmer-Davis RA.

[0:43] Panning shot of double room.

[0:47] Panning shot of single room.

[0:50] Wilmer-Davis on animated map of campus.

[0:56] Student on laptop in room. Text: Apply Today. Visit housing.wsu.edu for more information.

[0:58] Panning exterior shot of Wilmer-Davis.