Stimson Residence Hall Visual Description

Stimson Residence Hall Visual Description


[00:00] Exterior shot of Stimson Hall, day. WSU Housing & Residence Life, Stimson.

[00:04] Interior shot of eight students on couches in a common area. Text: College Starts On Campus.

[00:06] Exterior shot of Stimson, day.

[00:08] Exterior narrator in front of Stimson Hall, day.

[00:11] Student on a couch using a computer.

[00:13] Exterior shot of front of Stimson building.

[00:14] Black and white photo of Stimson Residence Hall framed on wall.

[00:16] Close up shots of black and white photo of a group of Stimson Residence Hall members.

[00:18] Exterior shot of Stimson Hall, day.

[00:21] Shot of two students eating ice cream out of cartons, night.

[00:24] Four students sitting on couches and chairs talking and eating.

[00:28] Two students, one in front of presentation screen.

[00:29] Shot of large group of students sitting on couches in large common area.

[00:31] Two students sitting on stairs talking.

[00:33] Lounge area.

[00:36] Group of presentation being given to a group of students.

[00:38] Interview with Andrew Hayward, Stimson Resident, day.

[00:43] Double room with lofted beds, day. Text: Cluster Group Living System.

[00:56] Stimson Hall as seen on campus map.

[00:58] Exterior shot of Stimson Hall. Text: Apply Today: Visit for more information.