WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Fall 2021 Housing

Applications for Fall 2021 WSU Housing are still open. Apply here.

Fall 2021 Housing FAQs

Please reach out to if you do not see your questions addressed here.  

  • Who can apply to live in the residence halls?

    All current students can apply for WSU Housing. Priority will be given to students who apply prior to May 1st. We anticipate being able to house all students who apply prior to May 1st. Applications received after May 1 will be accepted based on housing capacity and the following prioritization; first year (FLIR) students, second year students, transfer and international students, and all other current students.

  • Can I live off-campus, at home or in a WSU Apartment?

    For our students who have fulfilled their FLIR requirements, university-owned single-student and graduate/family apartments will also be available. Applications for these units will open February 15 and March 15, respectively. 

    Students who have not completed the FLIR requirement will need to live in a WSU Residence Hall.

  • Can I have a roommate?

    Yes. Students who apply for housing will be directed to complete questions designed to help us match you with a compatible roommate. You may also choose to make use of the roommate finder tool. Students who have already identified their preferred roommate may indicate their chosen roommate on their application. Please make sure that you both request each other using correct names and WSU ID numbers. If both students request each other prior to housing assignments, it is likely we can assign you both together. Roommate requests that are summited after May 1 may not be able to be met.

    If you submitted your housing application for the 2021-2022 academic year previously and did not have the opportunity to indicate your preferences, please re-enter your Residence Hall application at this time. 

  • Can I pick my hall and room type?

    You can tell us what your preferences are and we'll try to match them! Students who apply for housing will be directed to indicate their hall and room preferences as part of their application. If you submitted your housing application for the 2021-2022 academic year previously and did not have the opportunity to indicate your preferences, please re-enter your Residence Hall application at this time. Residence hall assignments will be made based on preference, availability, and capacity limits. 

  • Will Alive Orientation be in person or remote?

    Summer 2021 sessions will be delivered remotely. We are planning a robust in-person Week of Welcome experience when students return to campus in August.

  • When is Move-in?

    Fall Move-In will take place August 13-16, 2021. Visit for information about signing up for a move-in time and move-in day procedures.

  • Can I cancel my housing contract if I change my mind?

    Yes. If you cancel by July 31, you will receive a full refund of your initial payment, minus the $150 security deposit. If you cancel between August 1 and August 13, you will be charged a $400 cancellation fee. If you cancel on or after the start of the contract on August 14, you will be assessed a $750 cancellation fee.

  • What will be open? Will there be things to do?

    We are excited to plan for in-person experiences this fall, with virtual and remote options as well. Currently, the CUB, Chinook, and recreation centers are open. In the fall, departments such as GIESORC, the Women's Center, Multicultural Student Services, Student Involvement, and the Center for Civic Engagement will be open and offering a wide range of programming and events for students.

    Week of Welcome, which is open to all students, will also provide many opportunities for students to have fun and connect with fellow Cougs.

  • The Building I Want to Preference is not Listed on the Housing Application


    We are scaling our offerings to match demand in order to promote vibrant living communities for students. The buildings currently listed on the application are the buildings we anticipate having open during the coming academic year. If plans change and we will be opening one of those buildings, we will make sure all students with contracts have the option to request an assignment to those spaces.

  • What is WSU doing if a student in the residence halls tests positive for COVID-19 or is a known close contact of someone who has COVID-19?

    Students who have been identified as testing positive for COVID-19 or identified through contact tracing as a known close contact of someone who has COVID-19 are relocated into sequester housing. Students are added to a special sequester meal plan at no additional cost and can order food delivery to their room three times daily. Health officials remotely check on each sequestered student daily, and each student must remain in sequester until they are individually cleared by health officials to exit sequester housing. Common spaces and touch-points at the outgoing location are sanitized by professional custodial staff. 

    Support information for students in sequester can be found on the quarantine resources page.


  • Will residents be notified if a student in their hall tests positive for COVID-19?

    WSU works closely with Whitman County Health Department to ensure that students who test positive for COVID-19 in the residence halls are moved to sequester quickly. Health Officials perform contact tracing, and will notify anyone who is considered a primary close contact and let them know of possible exposure/provide further instructions. Students can find additional information on contact tracing here.