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Applying to the Residence Halls 

Applications for fall 2022 are now open!

Step 1: Agree to the housing contract and complete initial payment 

To complete the residence hall application for fall 2022/spring 2023, students will need to agree to the housing contract and submit an initial payment of $400. This $400 fee will be applied to the student’s housing costs in the fall.  

Students who are expecting to receive a financial aid award of $15,000 or more can elect to use their award to cover the $400 payment. Since fall 2022 financial aid has not been awarded yet, there would be no payment required at the time of application. 

Step 2: Enter your preferences (February 2022) 

In spring 2022, applicants will receive an email inviting them to login into their housing application and complete hall preference and provide roommate information.  

This is when you’ll be able to select preferences for your top building choices, the type of room you’d like, and submit roommate requests or fill out our roommate questionnaire to help you get paired with someone great.  Check out the residence hall finder. 

May 1 is the priority deadline for new housing applications. All applications received at that time will be treated equally in the first round of the placement process.  

Application Fees 

Housing and Residence Life is no longer requiring a security deposit to complete your 2022-2023 Residence Hall application. The $400 initial payment will be applied to your housing fees in the fall.  

Cancellation fees will be charged starting July 1, 2022.  

Current Residents 

Current residents can apply now and will be able to select their room in February 2022. Preference will be given to reapplications in this order: 

  1. Returning to the same building and same room 
  2. Returning to the same building 
  3. Returning to a different residence hall 

Apartment Applications

Roommate Alert

Students looking for a roommate for our Single Student Apartments or the Shared-Graduate Apartments can find a roommate through our Roommate Finder application. You can use this tool to help you find a roommate who shares your living preferences. Click the button to give it a try!


If you’re having problems with your housing application or have questions, contact the Housing Reservations Office at 509-335-4577 or  

Other WSU Campuses

If you will be attending a WSU site other than the Pullman campus, please contact your specific site for information about their housing options.