WSU Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residential Life

Apartment Coordinators

The Apartment Coordinator is responsible for the operational effectiveness of a specific university housing apartment complex. The Coordinator is selected on the basis of maturity, dependability, problem-solving skills, availability at home, and ability to effectively communicate with residents, the staff of Housing Services, and other university personnel. Apartment Coordinators represent an extension of the administration of Washington State University to the residents of university housing. In the dual role of management and resident, Apartment Coordinators are in a unique position to support the needs of the residents in university apartments.  The Apartment Coordinator understands and supports the operations of the university by monitoring rental agreements, regulations, procedures, and policies and setting an example for residents living in areas supervised.


  1. To provide service to university housing resident through availability and individual contact.
  2. To assist in providing an environment conducive to maximum academic achievement.
  3. To provide clean, comfortable, and functional housing for students.
  4. To provide a bridge between the student and the University by relating administration, objectives, policies, and regulations to the students.
  5. To give students opportunities to learn a sense of individual responsibility, further social development, and participate in satisfying leisure time activities.
  6. To recognize and respond to the unique needs of students with families.
  7. To recognize and respond to the needs of students from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds.

In order to provide service to the resident community, the coordinator must respond to after-hour service calls, emergencies, and lockouts. The coordinator must inspect the area of responsibility, eliminating hazards, initiating maintenance requests to correct deficiencies, and reviewing maintenance requests after the maintenance has been performed. This will require personal contact with the residents. 
To provide an atmosphere for academic pursuit, the Apartment Coordinator continually reinforces existing standards, provides information to residents, and acts to promote the programs and policies of Washington State University.
The Apartment Coordinator supports both the interests of the University and the student residents by maintaining consistent standards and open communication. He or she explains rental agreements and procedures, and communicates Washington State University policies effectively to the resident population.