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US Postal Service Address:
Student Name
PO Box 1700
Scott or Coman Hall xxx
Pullman, WA 99163

Fed-Ex, UPS, etc. address:
for Coman:
Student Name
1320 NE Colorado St xxx
Pullman WA 99163

for Scott:
Student Name
1310 NE Colorado St xxx
Pullman WA 99163

                                       (xxx=room number)

Scott and Coman Halls

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-3109

Walking time to the CUB: 7 minutes
Walking time to the Rec. Center: 8 minutes

Freshmen who choose Scott/Coman Halls click here to find your Freshmen Focus classes and more information about the benefits of the Freshmen Focus program.

Scott and Coman Halls were refurbished in 2010! New furniture, new carpeting, new drapes and bathroom upgrades mean you'll live comfortably and in style at Scott and Coman!

Scott and Coman Halls are designated as Scholars Halls. Both halls are mixed-grade, co-ed and are home to almost 300 students interested in an intellectually stimulating living community. Freshmen who choose Coman or Scott Halls will be members of the Global Learning Community, a partnership between International Programs, the Office of Undergraduate Education and Residence Life. The Global Learning Community features the Freshman Focus courses noted below as well as programming supported by a grant from the Jackson Foundation. This combination of courses is appropriate for all majors and residents will have access to new technological resources associated with the Learning Community. Wireless is available in all areas of Scott and Coman Halls and for recreation, Scott-Coman has a pool table, a foosball table, an air hockey table, two pianos and two TV lounges. Each floor in Scott-Coman has a washer and dryer for residents' use and the fee to use them is included in your housing and dining bill.

The halls feature some of the largest double rooms on campus, with some singles available, and are located near WSU's extensive physical education and recreational facilities. Residents will probably dine most often at Northside Café, located right next door.

Tool Free User Guide for Lofting/Bunking Beds

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Hall Questions

What are the dimensions of the closets?

The closets are 88" high by 81" wide by 2' deep.

Where are the mirrors in my room and in the hall?

Each room has a mirror above a dresser unit between the closets.  In the hallways, there is a full-length mirror outside the bathroom.

What are the dimensions of the dressers?

The dressers are 42" high by 24" deep, with 8 drawers. The dressers are attached to one another.

How many outlets are there?

There are 2 plugs each in 4 outlets, for a total of 8.

Can I bring my own furniture and store the University furniture somewhere else in the hall?

Yes and no. It depends on the amount of space available in storage.

Are there shelves in the room? What are the dimensions of the shelves?

Only as part of the desks, and they are 36" wide by 7½ deep.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Double rooms are 13'8" wide by 14'7" long. Single rooms are 14'7" wide by 8'4" long.

What are the dimensions of the windows?

The windows are 13' wide by 3'1" high.

Are there any rooms in this hall for people with disabilities?


What public facilities in this hall are accessible?

Not really, but the access to the floors is via ramps.

Where are the outlets and computer hookups located?

Of the outlets, two are by the window, next to the desks, one is by the cabinet, and one is by the door. The computer hookup is next to the dresser.

What amenities, such as pool tables, weight rooms, etc., does Scott/Coman Hall have?

We have a pool table, a foosball table, two pianos, and two TV lounges.

How are the bathrooms arranged in Scott/Coman Hall?

There are bathrooms on each floor with individual shower stalls. Only men can use the men's bathrooms and only women can use the women's bathrooms.

Are there study lounges in Scott/Coman Hall?

Yes. There are two formal lounges that are reserved for studying.

What is the closest residential dining facility to Scott/Coman Hall? Where will most of the people in my hall eat?

Northside Café, which is right next door in Regents.

Where do residents in Regents Hall store their bicycles?

Under Regents inside a cage and on wall-mounted racks. There are no inside storage areas in these halls.

What furniture comes with the room?

All rooms have closets, lofted beds, small chests of drawers, desks, and lamps, shelves, chairs.

How long are the bed frames? What is the size of the mattress?

The bed frames are 85" L by 38" W. The mattresses are 80" L by 36" wide. Sheets with deep pockets are advisable.

How much space is under the bed?

Varies, the beds are lofted. The maximum space under the bed when lofted is: 56 ¾ inches.

Can I use a bed riser in my room to raise the bed off the floor to gain storage space under the bed?


Is my room carpeted?


What are the dimensions of the desks?

42" W by 24" D with one small drawer plus a mobile pedestal with one drawer and one file drawer.

Where can I do my laundry? How much do the washers and dryers cost?

Every floor in Scott-Coman has a front-loading washer and dryer for residents' use. The fee to use them is included in your housing and dining bill.

How much common storage space does the hall have and where is it located?

Not much; there is one small room off the lobby in each building for storage.

Scott and Coman Halls

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-3109

Walking time to the CUB: 7 minutes
Walking time to the Rec. Center: 8 minutes

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