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PO Box 1700
Rogers Hall xxx
Pullman, WA 99163
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Rogers Hall

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-4070

Walking time to the CUB: 10 minutes
Walking time to the Rec. Center: 15 minutes

Freshmen who choose Rogers Hall click here to find your Freshmen Focus classes and more information about the benefits of the Freshmen Focus program.

Rogers Hall is located on the south side of campus and for the 2014-15 academic year, is not age restricted and all students are housed in double rooms. All floors have kitchenettes and Microfridges are provided in each Rogers room at no additional cost. Most floors are co-ed by wing with a few single gender floors. Rogers Hall has two pool tables, one big screen TV, a VCR, a piano and a fireplace. Board games are available at the front desk and each floor has a washer and dryer shared by the residents of that floor. Use of these machines is included in the housing and dining contract.  Rogers has recently been remodeled.

Rogers Hall is open for occupancy during Thanksgiving as well as semester and Spring Break periods.

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Hall Questions

What furniture comes with the room?

All single rooms have closets, one twin bed, one set of three drawers, one desk and chair, and track lighting. All double rooms have one closet per person, two sets of three drawers, two sets of desk and chair, and track lighting.

How long are the bed frames? What is the size of the mattress?

The bed frames are 85" L by 38" W. The mattresses are 80" L by 36" wide. Sheets with deep pockets are advisable.

How much space is under the bed?

Adjustable, with 10", 20", or 30" space to accomodate stacking dressers.

Can I use a bed riser in my room to raise the bed off the floor to gain storage space under the bed?


What are the dimensions of the closets?

The closet is 44.6" wide by 23" deep by 80" high. Another foot of storage space is available above the closet as well.

Where are the mirrors in my room and in the hall?

There is a full-length mirror on one closet in each room and a full-length mirror on each elevator landing.

What are the dimensions of the desks?

The desk is 42" wide by 24" deep, with one computer keyboard drawer, and two mobile file pedestals (16" W x 22¼" D X 24 1/8" H) that can fit under the desks.

What are the dimensions of the dressers?

The dressers are 3 separate stacking drawers, each measures 26 1/8" W x 24" D x 10" H.

How many outlets are there?

Four double outlets.

Can I bring my own furniture and store the University furniture somewhere else in the hall?

No. Rogers does not have enough storage space to store any of the furniture already in the rooms.

Is my room carpeted?


Are there shelves in the room? What are the dimensions of the shelves?

Yes, there are two sets of shelves, 48" wide and 28" high.

What are the dimensions of my room?

The rooms are 10' wide by 16'8" long.

What are the dimensions of the windows?

Windows are 8' wide by 4' tall. A section 2'6" wide by 4 feet tall opens for fresh air.

Are there any rooms in this hall for people with disabilities?

Yes. Rooms 1038, 228, and 239 are hearing-impaired accessible. Room 324 is available for wheel-chair accessibility.

What public facilities in this hall are accessible?

The public facilities in Rogers include the front desk during normal operating hours, a public restroom and the main lobby area, all of which can be reached via the main entrance.

Where are the outlets and computer hookups in the rooms?

There are 4 outlets and then a small outlet built into the lights under the shelves. They are in the same place on each wall, 3 on each wall. The first is on the wall just to the side of the closets, about four feet up on the wall. The second set, one on each side of the room, are about two feet up from the floor and about three feet from the window under the built-in wall shelving.

There are two computer hookups in the room which are directly under the wall shelving, tucked about 6 inches from the wall with the window, but only one side is active due to single occupancy.

What amenities, such as pool tables, weight rooms, etc., does Rogers Hall have?

The hall has two pool tables, one big screen TV and VCR, a piano, fireplace and games that can be checked out from the desk.

How are the bathrooms arranged in Rogers Hall?

There are two bathrooms per floor separated by gender. Three stalls per bathroom.

Are there study lounges in Rogers Hall?

Yes. There is a study lounge on each floor.

What is the closest residential dining facility to Rogers Hall? Where will most of the people in my hall eat?

Southside Café. A Microfridge is provided in each room in the hall and a kitchen area, with a full stove, sink, and microwave is available on each floor.

Where do residents in Rogers Hall store their bicycles?

In an uncovered outside bike rack on the East side of the building. There are no indoor storage locations in Rogers.

Where can I do my laundry? How much do the washers and dryers cost?

You can wash your laundry on your floor, as 1 front-loading washer and dryer are provided on each floor, as well as in the laundry room located on the 1st floor of Rogers Hall. The cost of washers and dryers is built into the room and board rate.

How much common storage space does the hall have and where is it located?

Not much; there is one very small room on 12th floor available for storage.

Rogers Hall

Hall Desk Phone #: 509-335-4070

Walking time to the CUB: 10 minutes
Walking time to the Rec. Center: 15 minutes

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