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Gender Inclusive Housing

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

Gender inclusive housing (GIH) communities focus on creating an inclusive environment where students can live in the same room with any student - regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation. This is one of the specialized living communities where participation is voluntary.

How many schools have GIH?

Currently, more than 50 schools in the United States have GIH or a policy that supports this housing option. The University of Washington, Evergreen State College, and Central Washington University already have gender inclusive living communities.  Furthermore, schools across the country are looking into creating similar types of housing communities to support students.

How will this compare to other specialized living communities (e.g. STEM, international, honors)?

All of the themed living communities are unique residential environments that foster community growth and development through targeted programmatic and staff supported efforts. These communities are centered around a common set of values or ideals and are provided to students who are interested in connecting with other students with similar interests, backgrounds, or experiences.

What is the process? How will students be selected?

Applicants must select GIH on housing application AND also select McCroskey Hall as their number 1 hall choice.  The student will be contacted by Residence Life to ensure that the community will meet the needs of the student.  The community is first come, first serve and there are limited spaces.  A student cannot be put into the community without wanting to be placed there. Also, any student with a housing contract is eligible for GIH, including first years.

How many students can be accommodated?

We anticipate housing approximately 6-10 students during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Where will this be located? What room types are available?

GIH will be located in McCroskey Hall on the 2014-2015 academic year. All rooms in the community are doubles.

Will it cost more?

No, the cost will be based on hall and room type, not on community participation.

How will roommate matching be done?

Housing will match roommates based upon preference attributes from the housing application each student submits.  The attributes include smoking, drinking, cleanliness, and socializing with friends to name a few.

What about couples? Will I be able to live with my significant other?

The intended purpose of the GIH program is to provide a living option for students who do not feel comfortable in current housing options.  Thus, we discourage couples from applying to live together.

How will roommate conflicts be handled? If I want to move out of my living situation but remain in GIH, will this be possible?

The best way to avoid roommate conflicts is to have roommates proactively discuss expectations of each other and the shared living space. This includes guests/visitors, expectations regarding privacy, cleanliness, shared items/food, etc. One of the best tools to avoid conflict is a roommate agreement.

When/if disagreements occur, it is best to talk about them as soon as appropriately possible. If you need assistance initiating a difficult or uncomfortable conversation with your roommate(s), speak with your RA or Residential Education Director (RED). Sometimes it is best not to remain roommates. If that is the best option, your Residential Housing staff member can let you know of open room spaces on campus. If other GIH spaces are available, you are welcome to choose a space in that designated area.

Can a student apply for GIH mid-year?

Following the housing application deadline, students interested in moving into the GIH community are encouraged to contact Residential Housing to see what spaces are currently available. Moving into the GIH community can occur outside the traditional time frame but will still require students to submit the supplemental application.

Can a student move out if I find this isn't a good fit?

Students interested in leaving GIH will pursue the standard room change process available to students throughout campus.

The student can work with the RED to find a more suitable place to live.

Do all the normal residence hall rules still apply?

Residence hall policies and procedures are consistent in all hall environments on campus. To see a complete listing of policies and procedures, please review the Housing Policies at /reshall/contract.

Will there be specialized training for staff?

Yes, ongoing training is conducted for all Residential Life staff, including those working with the Gender Inclusive Housing community.

What type of education will be provided to students outside of the GIH community?

Educational efforts will be incorporated into our ongoing residence hall programming efforts.

What are the plans regarding the safety and security of the facilities?

The building where GIH will be located has swipe card access to the main entrance doors.  The hallway that adjoins the student rooms will also be locked.

Students are encouraged to either confront or report people who do not appear to live in the building. Students are strongly discouraged from allowing others who do not live in the building from following them into the building. All guests and visitors should be escorted. All suspicious persons or activities should be reported immediately to WSUPD.

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